1. Our apples are given the 5-star treatment

Our juice journey begins way back on the orchard (& we know which orchards our apples come from too). After just the right amount of Hawke’s Bay sunshine our apples are handpicked by specific variety at their peak ripeness – then immediately taken and chilled to “fridge-like” conditions to ensure they are maintained in optimal shape for pressing.

2. Cold pressing extracts our ‘liquid gold’

Our individual apple varieties are then cold pressed – just once.

Cold pressing means we do not add any heat or enzymes. The apples are simply pressed. We call out how our juice is extracted from the apple as this is an essential step to creating an apple juice that actually tastes like the fruit from which it came. To craft our “apple in a bottle” we combine our cold pressed juice with crushed apples and a dash of Vitamin C.

3. Apple in a bottle

Our apple juice is then treated with an optimal amount of heat (the science geeks refer to this step as pasteurisation). We then rapidly cool and cold fill our juice into the final bottle. The filling process is entirely sterile, which allows our products to have a much longer shelf life then most juices. Now in a bottle, The Apple Press juice needs to be kept chilled so it can make it from Hawke’s Bay to your fridge and still look & taste like drinking a fresh apple.

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