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The Apple Press can be purchased from New World’s, PAKn’SAVE’s, Countdown, specialty stores, selected cafes nationwide and on our website.

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No, we never add sugar or preservatives to The Apple Press range. The sugar is naturally occurring, just like the fruit itself. The sugar content slightly varies, depending on the variety. Apple varietals on average 10-14g of sugar per 100ml.

When you cut open an apple, it goes brown. No one wants to eat a brown apple, and no one wants to drink brown apple juice either. That’s why we recommend you keep The Apple Press in the fridge so you can experience the freshest tasting apple juice!

And by the way, apples should be kept in the fridge too!

Our technology means we cannot use glass bottles. However, our packaging is 100% recyclable and is light weight meaning we use significantly less plastic than standard juice bottles. We encourage people to re-fill The Apple Press bottles with water and use as their water bottle, so they are no longer single use! The Apple Press, along with our packaging suppliers are continuously working towards better packaging solutions. 


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